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     How to choose your GPS     

What are the criteria for choosing a motorcycle GPS?

  • Robustness : Very important because a motorbike emits a lot of vibration and a car GPS does not necessarily bear with a motorcycle. In this respect, the new version of Tom Tom Rider and Garmin Zumo, designed specifically for the bike, take the test with flying colors.
  • Water resistance :  It is clear that the GPS must be perfectly sealed, the occasional rider could possibly be content to protect it with a plastic bag, then again, Tom Tom and Garmin meet this criterion.
  • Ergonomics : It has much improved since the inception of GPS, but if you use a device designed for the car at the base, make sure that the activation function does not pass through small buttons and other resources easily accessible with gloves, so that might divert attention from driving.
  • Mapping : It might be secondary if you only ride in one country, but whether you buy cards from neighboring countries, it affects the price. Garmin offers a menu of all of Europe at standard prices, whereas Tom Tom Rider offers a local version and a Europe map version.
  • Voice guidance : This is the most important feature for motorcycle navigation as it is difficult to read the map while riding on a motorbike. Receiving vocal gps instructions wireless in your helmet is a great comfort and additional security for the rider. Bluetooth technology with headset profile allows this wireless connection between gps and your handsfree device.
  • Battery : Make sure that you will have sufficient autonomy to your trips by checking the given battery autonomy by the manufacturer.
  • Versatility car/motorcycle : When you have a car and a motorcycle, is it possible to use the same GPS for both? No problem to use a motorcycle gps in a car but the use of a car GPS for a bike is a bit more complicated if the sound of the speaker is not heard on a motorcycle. Garmin Zumo and Tomtom Rider both have Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones in the helmet.
  • Bluetooth For a bike it is more comfortable to choose a GPS device with a wireless connection. in order to receive calls via Bluetooth (if supported by your mobile phone). Not to be overlooked either, the possible addition of a list of speed cameras and POI (Points Of Interest).
  • Installation : It varies by model. TomTom Rider comes with four mounting options, while the Garmin mounting kit is not included in all versions.
  • Memory : It can be in form of cards, flash memory or hard drive. The hard drive is not ideal because it is sensitive to vibrations. As for the card, it should have enough memory to store the necessary information.
  • Price : Motorcycle gps devices are generally more expensive than car sat-nav models as it must be water resistant, dust resistant and shock proof.

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