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connex66   How to choose your intercom



Before you make a choice, we must define what use it is intended.
Depending on the type of use sought, we will choose one model over another. For travel alone, a handsfree intercom without may be sufficient to stay connected to mobile phone, follow voice  instructions from your gps navigator or listen to music from your mp3 player.

For easy conversation between driver and passenger, a driver-passenger intercom is often enough especially since these models typically include Bluetooth connection to mobile phones and GPS navigator.

Is it intended simply to converse with your passenger or share with other bikers?
With changing technologies, the motorcyclist is increasingly likely to choose his motorbike communication in the Bluetooth category. Many brands offer products more or less successful, but two of them take the upper hand: cardo and cellular line.



The scope for conversations from motorcycle to motorcycle  It varies depending on the model and the maximum at present is about 1600 meters (Cardo scala rider G4) but a range between 300 and 500 meters is usually sufficient between 2 or 3 riders.



Various models They are fairly close to each other. To choose a motorcycle intercom, it must therefore rely primarily on the use we made ​​of them and the reputation of certain brands. Some points, however, should not be overlooked: the voice activation is a guarantee of security, a noise filter, very important from a certain speed or when high winds. The automatic volume adjustment depending on speed and ambient noise is of great comfort and keeps your hands on the handlebars.

Currently, two brands stand out in providing a range of products clearly designed for a versatile utlistaion and adapting to all types of helmets:



   cardo scala-rider:

scala rider Solo, FM, TeamSet, Q2 and G4. Communication systems for conversation by voice command and intercom between passenger and driver, Bluetooth connection to mobile phones, navigation systems, radar detectors, and music players. Scala rider Q2 and G4 models also communicate between bikes and include an FM radio. They adapt to 3/4 helmets and full face helmets.     


Cellularline Interphone: Handsfree models F2, F3 and F4 are also designed for a single rider (F2 Interphone City), conversation between driver and passenger (Intercom F3) or for bike to bike intercom (Interphone F4) and likely to Cardo, coupling with mobile phones, GPS systems and audio players. The F4 can even connect to two cell phones.



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